Schedule A Financial Audit in Chicago, IL

Schedule A Financial Audit in Chicago, IL

Make Sure Your Assets Are Covered

Creditors, investors and stockholders are all interested in the financial condition of your business. Show stakeholders that your company is on solid financial ground by scheduling a financial audit of your Chicago, IL area business. Trust Jeffrey T. Gross LTD, CPA to complete a thorough investigation and compile a comprehensive report designed to provide the highest level of assurance to stakeholders.

Reach out to me now to start your financial audit.

What does an audit do for your business?

By performing an audit, an experienced business accountant can help you:

  • Detect and prevent fraud.
  • Avoid costly errors during tax season.
  • Comply with banking contracts.
  • Buy or sell your business.
  • Satisfy stakeholders about the integrity of your business.

Make sure your business is achieving peak performance. Call 773-792-1575 today to speak with a business accountant in the Chicago, IL area.